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Unleash your inner tiger and make it purr, learn how from a renowned designer specialising in innovation, experimentation, storytelling & hypnosis.

Awarded Designer, Innovation Lead & Certified Hypnotist
I know how frustrating it can be when you need to move forward but you just can't. I can help you to spark up to a new level and relax into inspiration. Sounds nice, right?
🪜 Learn design-led innovation
Top-notch D4D-based design thinking training & facilitation, enabling teams to innovate, nail customer benefit and show measureable results
💡 Get your creative juices flowing
Individual coaching for designers, creators and experimenters, to surpass creative block, overcome anxiety, prevent burn-out.

Ready to unleash your dormant superpowers?
I was fortunate enough to work with Adela as she was leading the design teams in France. I quickly saw she was doing more that it, using her intense customer focus, and design thinking capabilities, to inspire the whole broader team to gain customer empathy, think creatively, and run fast experiments.
Adela is a significant talent, and I always look forward to the positive energy, leadership, and strong customer focus she brings to every initiative.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jeff Zias, INTUIT Grassroots Innovation
During the 2 years that Adela and I worked together, I had the pleasure to witness Adela's thought and design leadership, going beyond UI/UX to get into business acumen and how to place the customers in the centre of everything we do, but clearly anchored to product and business goals. Deep customer empathy; analytical mind, insights distilled from customer interactions and end-to-end understanding of customer journeys. Excellent colleague and an even better human being.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Juan Coello, Founder
I had the pleasure of working with Adela for over 2 years and saw her passion for building products grounded in customer empathy and shaping processes through service design. She has played a major role in connecting cross-functional teams and is always challenging teams to think analytically when facing business problems. Adela was also a great partner as we worked closely to drive innovation practices throughout Intuit France.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Jesse Bray, INTUIT Principal Product Designer
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adela for 4 years. During this time, she has continually inspired the team to dig deeper on customer problems and to experiment their way to success.
Adela uses her deep knowledge of design thinking and her infectious energy to bring the whole team (marketing, sales, customer success) along on the journey. She listens to stakeholders, making sure to connect the dots between business metrics and customer insights. As a result, she has built trust with the product team, but also with local and global leaders. 

As an example, Adela and I set out to better understand what made accountants cancel their QuickBooks subscriptions. After we met with users, Adela led cross-functional workshops to map the entire customer journey. This helped us better understand how small businesses’ first interactions with QuickBooks impacted accountant retention. Adela made sure that those insights led to significant product improvements.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Karolin Mulhaupt, INTUIT Cross-Country Researcher
You should consider my services if you're
Looking for fresh ideas ?
or maybe feeling a bit
Torn between many options ?
perhaps you got a project where you
Must validate an idea, fast ?
or maybe it's the moment where you
Need to convince people ?
and last but not least, do you or your team
Need design facilitation ?
Let's meet
Hello ! Glad to see we've reached the moment of introductions. I'm an awarded product design & innovation leader with nearly two decades of experience, and I'm also a certified hypnotist.
As a designer, I learned from the very best : Jeff Gothelf, Tomer Sharon, Eric Flowers, Scott Cook, the Nielsen Norman Group and Ideo U to name a few. During my last job, I led product discovery and cross-functionnal innovation processes for Intuit France, where I operationalized experimentation culture and improved the quality of learnings, speed-to-learning and speed-to-customer-benefit. Find an example of my work at
Passionate about building a solid innovation culture, fascinated by collaborative processes, I encountered hypnosis during creative workshops, while exploring flow states and storytelling. I got intrigued by this powerful tool and so I trained at ARCHE in Paris.
Today I split my time between my hypnosis practice and teaching design at Gobelins and Popup Design Lab in Paris and Barcelona.
Benefits for my clients
Here's how it works
Because of my experience in design leadership, I'm passionate about working with people who experience creative block or need solid innovation practices.

We'll then take a look at your time constraints and design a personalised action plan. It can be a mix between design workshops and individual coaching.
It all starts with phone call where we get the chance to talk about what you are struggling with, what your needs are and understand how I can help you get unstuck.

For best results, your committment to as well as your personal motivation are extremely important and will make a difference.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What's hypnosis anyways?
Well, have you ever felt so hooked while reading a good book or watching a movie, that for a moment there you were 100% inside what was happening, identifying with the characters, experiencing their emotions? Perhaps you even forgot about the existence of your normal time and space? That's a natural state of trance or hypnosis, just like daydreaming. We constantly go in and out of such states throughout the day.
Why use hypnosis for creative block?
It's like falling asleep with a problem, and waking up with the solution in the morning. When we're dreaming, or daydreaming, or in a state of hypnosis, we can tap into the incredible resources of the unconscious mind, without the limits of our inner-critic, the analytical mind.
During the hypnosis sessions, I'll guide you to create your own state of trance that will bring you so much emotional benefit and positive changes.
Do you use hypnosis in workshops?
No, I only propose hypnosis in individual sessions. The purpose of my workshops is to teach you design methodologies so you can make a real difference in your career and bring along your whole extended team in a path to innovation.
What experience do you have with teaching design?
I'm an awarded design & innovation leader with nearly two decades of experience in building design culture. Currently teaching design at Gobelins and Popup Design Lab in Paris and Barcelona.
Previously, at Intuit (financial compliance field) I led a team of 10 coaches specialising in design thinking. Together we educated +300 employees, +100 students & entrepreneurs in France and internationally. We got numerous awards. I really loved to bring together people of different specialities, functions, seniority, backgrounds. I facilitated a ton of workshops to tackle customer benefit, design delightful end-to-end experiences, set up experiments, observe user behaviour and inform strategy & roadmap.
Before that at SDL, I built user-centered design practices from the ground up (XD research, personas, service blueprint workshops), leading to an organizational shift which resulted in x2 revenues for Trados GroupShare release in 2017.
Do you have a proper design portfolio?
Yes, I actually do. Take a look here to see a selection of my past projects as a designer.
What languages do you speak?
I'm fluent in English, French and Romanian. The workshops and individual sessions can be in either of these three.
Where are you based ?
I'm based in Paris, FRANCE.
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