Product management, together with engineering and sales decides on a feature list and have a prioritization workshop. They talk about what they heard from the customers and how complicated it would be to ship the requested features. Does this sound familiar?
As a designer you might wonder how do all these features bubble up to a vision for the customer. I was precisely in this situation, after the success of Trados Studio (see Service Design) and Trados Groupshare (see User-centered ROI), when I first got invited to a yearly prioritization event.
At that moment, as an organization, we already understood our key customer profiles because we had observed them as they were carrying out their daily jobs. We had aligned on their core needs, pains and how they work together. So I brought all those artifacts to the prioritization workshop.
We mapped the candidate features to customers and their jobs-to-be-done. During the workshop a customer narrative naturally emerged. We started discussing how to optimize for a specific customer job end-to-end throughout our portfolio of 6 products and services, instead of focusing on features that "pleased the crowd" of customers here and there.
The result was the decision to focus on only two (of four) customer profiles, the Professional Translator and the Project Manager. The other two profiles would follow along because of the way they were collaborating in the localization workflows. Then we decided to take a closer look at our ecosystem (see Usability in systems).

Other past projects

Websites & print
Websites, posters, logos and business cards, in-house or freelance.
2005-2009 VARIOUS
User-centered design & ROI
In a tech-led organisation, I pioneered customer research, which lead to doubling the revenue of a B2B product.
2016 SDL Localisation Mgmt.
Discovery & experimentation
Nailed product-market fit of high compliance product, through loops of prototyping and rapid experimentation.
2022-2023 INTUIT Accountants Segmnt.
Usability in systems
Visualized customer journeys across 6 products, researched pains and grouped insights into actionable themes.
2016-2017 SDL Global UX Research
Product Design
Apps, connected objects for European hospitals, administration systems.
2009-2012 VARIOUS
UX Strategy & Value Prop
Helped teams gain clarity on their value proposition: define a vision, test hypotheses, learn & prioritize.
2018 SDL Localization & Machine Learning
Storytelling & UX concepts
I believe in the power of setting a vision through storytelling and design concepts to galvanize delivery teams.
2017-2018 SDL Product Triads
UX workflows by maturity level
Helped leaders tackle upsell in a complex ecosystem of products based on customer workflows & maturity.
2017-2018 SDL Leadership Team
Platforms (as PM)
Managed a scrum team of 6 to create platforms based on TYPO3.
2007-2008 VARIOUS
Cross-country atomic research
At Intuit QuickBooks, pioneered a research insights database for teams in France, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil & Mexico.
2019-2021 INTUIT Global Product Teams
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