Back in 2008, I managed an agile scrum team of 6 (2 designers and 4 developers) specialized in the development of TYPO3 websites and platforms for a Dutch agency. We also developed several local platforms (below).
My job was to ensure employee productivity, well-being and that the customers were happy. Negotiated contracts, estimated work, recommended digital strategies based on market insights.
Rodna is a rent-a-car web platform.
Infomunca is a platform that helps people find jobs abroad.
 Maxintermedia is a real estate agency. The portal helps clients search for properties to rent or buy.

Other past projects

UX workflows by maturity level
Helped leaders tackle upsell in a complex ecosystem of products based on customer workflows & maturity.
2017-2018 SDL Leadership Team
User-centered design & ROI
In a tech-led organisation, I pioneered customer research, which lead to doubling the revenue of a B2B product.
2016 SDL Localisation Mgmt.
Discovery & experimentation
Nailed product-market fit of high compliance product, through loops of prototyping and rapid experimentation.
2022-2023 INTUIT Accountants Segmnt.
Websites & print
Websites, posters, logos and business cards, in-house or freelance.
2005-2009 VARIOUS
Product Design
Apps, connected objects for European hospitals, administration systems.
2009-2012 VARIOUS
Cross-country atomic research
At Intuit QuickBooks, pioneered a research insights database for teams in France, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil & Mexico.
2019-2021 INTUIT Global Product Teams
Usability in systems
Visualized customer journeys across 6 products, researched pains and grouped insights into actionable themes.
2016-2017 SDL Global UX Research
UX Strategy & Value Prop
Helped teams gain clarity on their value proposition: define a vision, test hypotheses, learn & prioritize.
2018 SDL Localization & Machine Learning
Storytelling & UX concepts
I believe in the power of setting a vision through storytelling and design concepts to galvanize delivery teams.
2017-2018 SDL Product Triads
Customer benefit
At SDL, I educated product management leaders on how to build impactful release stories prioritizing customer benefit.
2016-2017 SDL PM Leadership
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