The Law Machine, platform that automatizes legal contract generation. Identity, logo variations, style guide & bootstrap customization, 2018.
Web design for clothes shop, 2014.
Logo for baby clothes and accessories eshop, 2014.
Logo for outdoor shop, 2014, freelance.
Website for Wirtek, an outsourcing agency where I was working at that moment, 2010.
FAR is a portal for women entrepreneurs: forum, live chat, map and photo/video galleries. Design and frontend, 2010.
 Designed and developed website for a charity that facilitates education of disadvantaged children.
Designed poster for a business event, 2010.
Designed logo for a kindergarten, 2010.
Designed & developed BAS Tattoo, website for tattoo salon, 2010.
Designed Augment Aquatic, website for private pond company, 2009.
Designed Greenvision, website for gardening company, 2009.
Designed APELL, website for national center of disaster management, 2009.
Design for Biblioteca Judeteana Salaj, a website for a national district library, 2009.
Logo design a local furniture producer, 2009, freelance.
Web design, development and print for European Science Foundation Workshop organized by Babes-Bolyai University, 2008.
Atex is a computer shop. Design & flexible layout with XHTML/CSS, 2008, freelance.
Logo for  small photo studio. 2007, freelance.
Just for fun, here are some websites, posters and newspaper adds that I worked on
back in 2005 when I was just a Design Intern in a small studio.

Other past projects

Customer benefit
At SDL, I educated product management leaders on how to build impactful release stories prioritizing customer benefit.
2016-2017 SDL PM Leadership
UX workflows by maturity level
Helped leaders tackle upsell in a complex ecosystem of products based on customer workflows & maturity.
2017-2018 SDL Leadership Team
Product Design
Apps, connected objects for European hospitals, administration systems.
2009-2012 VARIOUS
Platforms (as PM)
Managed a scrum team of 6 to create platforms based on TYPO3.
2007-2008 VARIOUS
Storytelling & UX concepts
I believe in the power of setting a vision through storytelling and design concepts to galvanize delivery teams.
2017-2018 SDL Product Triads
UX Strategy & Value Prop
Helped teams gain clarity on their value proposition: define a vision, test hypotheses, learn & prioritize.
2018 SDL Localization & Machine Learning
Cross-country atomic research
At Intuit QuickBooks, pioneered a research insights database for teams in France, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil & Mexico.
2019-2021 INTUIT Global Product Teams
User-centered design & ROI
In a tech-led organisation, I pioneered customer research, which lead to doubling the revenue of a B2B product.
2016 SDL Localisation Mgmt.
Discovery & experimentation
Nailed product-market fit of high compliance product, through loops of prototyping and rapid experimentation.
2022-2023 INTUIT Accountants Segmnt.
Usability in systems
Visualized customer journeys across 6 products, researched pains and grouped insights into actionable themes.
2016-2017 SDL Global UX Research
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